Miscellaneous Stuff 1983-1995
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Miscellaneous Stuff 1983-1995 David N. DeMattia’s artistic style reflects the influence of his childhood in Southern California, where he spent a fair amount of time at Disneyland. He spent as much of his time at the park as possible and the … Read More

Animatronic Review -1995
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Animatronic Review – This 1995 project was the culmination of two years of work. Since a kid, I have always wanted to design a computer controlled, audio sync animatronic control system. All I needed was a topic and a deadline. … Read More

Bird of Prey Giant Rat
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Bird of Prey Giant Rat Bird of Prey Giant Rat   GIANT RAT In 1989, I built this giant rat for the Dallas Childrens Theatre in Dallas, Texas. It was to run out on stage and attack the villain of … Read More

Talking Christmas Tree 1986
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Talking Christmas Tree 1986. The Talking Xmas Tree was built for a shopping mall in Arlington, Texas. It talked and joked with guests. Since I had yet to develop a control system syncing a sound track with motion control, the … Read More

The First One was a Parrot
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The First One was a Parrot 1976. This is it, the very first complete animatronic figure I ever built! It was around 1975 or 76. It used the guts torn from a child’s jumping frog toy for the mouth, neck … Read More

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