Robot Paper Cutout




Robot Paper Cutout

This downloadable PDF paper cutout is an exact replica of my metal Robot sculpture! If you are looking for a craft project for you, the kids, grand-kids or anybody….THIS IS IT! Just download and print the robot on card-stock on any inkjet color printer. (OR you can print it on a laser printer, too)

Also, you could use it in a school art class. Download the Robot PDF then print as many times as you want.

All you need is a pair of scissors, stapler or glue stick (tape would work also) and just be careful not to cut yourself!

OR if you have a sharp Xacto knife and a cutting mat (like I have) , you could use that too.

Little children should be supervised. REMEMBER: You just need to order ONE, then you can print off as many as you need.


Watch the video tutorial for more information.



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