Small Pumpkin Sticks


Small Pumpkin Sticks – Set of THREE unique pumpkins on 2 foot sticks.


Small Pumpkin Sticks – (Set of 3)

After I’m satisfied with my pencil sketches, the Small Pumpkin Sticks are hand drawn in Adobe Illustrator to refine the design. The pumpkins are then plasma cut out of steel, MIG welded to two foot sticks then soaked in a special super secret vat of  “Rusty Juice” for a unique patina. I then put a few light coats of Lacquer to seal in the goodness.

Oval Pumpkin Head: 5″ Tall x 2.75″ Wide
Round Pumpkin Head: 3″ Tall x 2.75″ Wide
Triangle Pumpkin Head: 3.75″ Tall x 3″ Wide


Because of the artistic nature of the patina process, every pumpkins patina will look slightly different than the one pictured.


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