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BIG SALE at the STUDIO. BIG SALE MAY 2nd & 3rd at the STUDIO! After going through our 12 years of existing inventory, we are going to have a BIG clearance sale this weekend at the Eartharts Spring Tour. Scratch … Read More

Dr. Oculus Animatronics
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Dr. Oculus Animatronics – Started in 2014 – Ongoing Project Dr.Oculus is the first animatronics character for me in a few years. Well, since RoboBird II in 2007. I’ve been drawing him for a while and REALLY like the idea … Read More

Bugs for Lunch at Osceola Public Library
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Bugs for Lunch at Osceola Public Library Bugs for Lunch at Osceola Public Library This animatronic plant was originally created for a local production of Little Shop of Horrors. I “re-purposed” it for the “Bugs for Lunch” at the Osceola Public … Read More

Robobird and the Peeps
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Robobird and the Peeps – 2007 Robobird and the Peeps / Robobird II is a robot “animatronic” character which combines elements of David’s expertise in sculpture, theatre and engineering. Robobird ll got his initial start as quick pencil sketches drawn on the … Read More

Little Shop of Horrors
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Little Shop of Horrors – The making of a man eating plant. (2004) A project for the St. Croix Festival Theater, St. Croix Falls, WI. Little Shop of Horrors PROJECT STATS: Over 300 pounds of Polystyrene 5 Gallons of Sculpt … Read More

Animatronic Review -1995
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Animatronic Review – This 1995 project was the culmination of two years of work. Since a kid, I have always wanted to design a computer controlled, audio sync animatronic control system. All I needed was a topic and a deadline. … Read More

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