The Brainstormer Sculpture starts off as a doodle, then a drawing and finally gets drawn in Adobe Illustrator. These Brainstormer sculptures are plasma cut out of steel then welded together. Finally, a finishing soak in the “rusty juice” to give it it’s patina and a light coat of Lacquer to seal in the goodness. Brainstormer It has gone through many changes over the years and I am very happy with it. I know you will be , too.

Legend of Brainstormer
Back before time began, there was a ethereal being called Thinker. After eons of thinking, she found it tiresome, boring and lonely. Thinker was stuck in a rut and needed to get inspired again because her life depended on it.  After much consideration, Thinker sat down, took a few deep breaths and….let go! Immediately, her head relaxed and her heart was thrown open wide . In flooded new, creative and inspirational ideas that sent a surge of vibrant energy that went from head to toe, leaving her open to new possibilities.

Brainstormer was born!

If you’re in need of inspiration or you have a problem that needs fresh perspectives, align with Brainstormer and feel the power of creative energy.


12″ Long x 3″ Wide

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