Mondays With David Episode 20 Part One

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Mondays With David Episode 20 Part One

Mondays With David Episode 20 Part One


David talks about his early creative influences, Uncle Walt, growing up in Southern California, Disneyland, and audio-animatronics. These influences helped form David’s diverse interest in Theater, Film and robotics. The 60’s in Southern California was an interesting time. In his early years in Culver City (home to film and television studios), David recalls riding past studio back-lots, outdoor film sets and giant water tanks with cloud backgrounds where miniature sea battles were fought. Campy television SciFi was a staple diet.

Part one of this two part mini documentary focuses on Davids inspirations from the 60’s landscape of popular culture, to the most important, Disneyland.

David N. DeMattia’s artistic style reflects the influence of his childhood in Southern California, where he spent a fair amount of time at Disneyland. He spent as much of his time at the park as possible and the rest of it in his mother’s garage, learning the secrets of animating creatures, like the ones those now famous Disney “Imagineers” had done. By age twelve, David had brought animatronic creatures to life and his fertile imagination continues to spawn strange and wonderful animals that reveal themselves to us through his sculpture, puppets and animatronic figures.

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