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MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Did you know all episodes of Mondays With David (as well as other strange stuff) are on my You Tube channel. Please subscribe to get alerted on new episodes and stuff! CLICK HERE to go now. David … Read More

Animatronic Eyestalk Moves
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Animatronic Eyestalk Moves ! I found my box of radios and hooked one up to the eye-stalk. I stated building this about 15 years ago to test the technology.

Animatronic Eyestalk
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Animatronic Eyestalk Here is an Animatronic Eyestalk I built early in the 21st century. I wanted to make an Eyestalk inspired by the “Eye Bush” in the movie Labyrinth.     The Vertebra disks where made on an programmable steel punch. The square holes … Read More

Dr. Oculus Animatronics
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Dr. Oculus Animatronics – Started in 2014 – Ongoing Project Dr.Oculus is the first animatronics character for me in a few years. Well, since RoboBird II in 2007. I’ve been drawing him for a while and REALLY like the idea … Read More

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