Animatronic Eyestalk Moves!

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Animatronic Eyestalk Moves ! I found my box of radios and hooked one up to the eye-stalk. I stated building this about 15 years ago to test the technology.

Animatronic Eyestalk

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Animatronic Eyestalk Here is an Animatronic Eyestalk I built early in the 21st century. I wanted to make an Eyestalk inspired by the “Eye Bush” in the movie Labyrinth.     The Vertebra disks where made on an programmable steel punch. The square holes … Read More

Dr. Oculus Animatronics – 2014

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Dr. Oculus Animatronics – Started in 2014 – Ongoing Project Dr.Oculus is the first animatronics character for me in a few years. Well, since RoboBird II in 2007. I’ve been drawing him for a while and REALLY like the idea … Read More

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