Robobird and the Peeps

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Robobird and the Peeps – 2007

Robobird and the Peeps / Robobird II is a robot “animatronic” character which combines elements of David’s expertise in sculpture, theatre and engineering. Robobird ll got his initial start as quick pencil sketches drawn on the back of a napkin and over the course of one year morphed into a 2’ tall, free form sculpture that creatively combines aluminum, copper mesh, motors, wires, ping pong ball eyes, a vise grip tail and of course, a sassy yet engaging personality.

David programmed Robobird II to perform a very entertaining 3.5 minute song and dance routine accompanied by his lovely and equally talented robot backup singers, Peep 1 and Peep 2. This animatronics show synchronizes a prerecorded soundtrack to the lifelike movements of the robot trio. It’ll make your head bob and your toes tap!

The show choreography took about 6 hours per one minute of actual runtime to program. DeMattia’s unique style has been heavily influenced by his childhood in Southern California where he was immersed in a culture of Movies, TV and Disneyland. His journey has taken him through hands on experience in art, theater and engineering. So far, he sees virtually no distinction between the arts & science and instead sees them as a compliment to each other. This new work, which took over a year to build, combines his skills as an artist, engineer and performer.

This activity was made possible by a grant from the East Central Arts Council (ECAC) and the East Central Regional Development Commission with funds appropriated by the McKnight Foundation.

Robobird and the Peeps sing the WAS, NOT WAS tune: “I Feel Better Than James Brown”.

Photo Gallery:



1. Body Up/Down
2. Left Wing Up/Down
3. Left Wing In/Out
4. Right Wing Up/Down
5. Right Wing In/Out
6. Neck Up/Down
7. Neck Left/Right
8. Mouth
9. Eyes
10. Crest
11. Eyelids
12. Perch Left/Right
13. Peep 1
14. Peep 2

Brookshire Software VSA

3 – MiniSSC II’s

PIII 500Mhz 256MB RAM